mood boosting avocadoAre you feeling sad and blue? Did you know there is a connection between the food that we eat and our mood?  We already know this right?  What happens when you give a child a sugary snack?  What happens when you drink alcohol or coffee?  What happens when you eat something spicy?  See the connection?  Everything we eat either has a positive or negative effect on our health and our mood. So if you are feeling sad and blue, you simply need to start eating some of the foods that will make you feel good. Try foods that contain magnesium, serotonin, vitamin D and omega 3s. So, I thought it would be helpful to share 5 food tips that will help boost your mood.

1. Avocado – try adding this to your smoothie for a really creamy treat. This healthy fat simply makes you feel good.

2. Water – when we’re dehydrated everything slows down, way down.  Can’t stand the taste of water?  Try adding some fruit or a splash of food grade peppermint oil into your water for a pick me up.

3. Lemons – studies show that when you smell a lemon, your mood improves.  Try adding some lemon to your water or salad dressing.

4. Asparagus – one of the top plant-based sources of tryptophan.  Tryptophan is the basis for the creation of serotonin, one of the brain’s primary mood-regulating neurotransmitters.

5. Sun – You know that great feeling you get from being in the sun?  That’s where we get vitamin D.  No sun?  Try supplementing with Vitamin D – which should always be taken with a fat so look for vitamin D mixed with your Omega 3s or Vitamin D drops emulsified in an oil.

Have you noticed that a piece of dark chocolate can hit the spot?  Why is that? It’s not because of the sugar and caffeine but because of the magnesium. Magnesium relaxes us and helps us deal with stress.

Our brains need nutrients and fuel to make us feel good and that includes healthy fats. After all, more than 60% of our brain is made up of fat.   Include avocados, nuts and seeds or supplement with a great Omega 3.

What else can you do to boost your mood? Eat regularly.  Keeping your blood sugar levels balanced will also help to keep you in a good mood.  So go ahead and have a snack.  Need a quick pick me up?  Skip the coffee and enjoy some peppermint tea…and don’t forget to make some time to exercise and get those endorphins flowing.

How about you? Share your ideas with me. I love getting feedback! And don’t forget to leave a link back to your own blog as well if you have one, via the commentluv feature here on the site.

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