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7 Sneaky Reasons You’re Gaining Weight & Baked Beans Recipe

Are you plagued with unwanted pounds, despite your best efforts to eat healthy and get fit? You’re not alone. Millions of others across the globe, just like you, are struggling to shed weight in an uphill battle.
Here are 7 Sneaky Reasons You’re Gaining Weight…some of these might surprise you.
Sneaky Weight Gain #1 Sucking on […]

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5 habits that cause Belly Fat & Roasted Cauliflower & Broccoli Recipe

Belly Fat…<sigh>…there’s nothing quite as frustrating as that stubborn belly fat that sits around your waist. Your pants feel tight and you don’t feel as sexy or confident.

If you have some belly fat to lose, then chances are you’re contributing to one or more of these 5 habits that cause belly fat.

Read the 5 […]

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Your Holiday Recovery Plan & Recipe – Quinoa Fruit Salad

Happy New Year & Welcome to 2015!

The holidays have come and gone, and you’re left to deal with the aftermath of all that less-than-healthy eating. Your body is puffy and bloated. Your joints are achy. Your clothes feel tight.

Maybe you’re feeling this way right now.

Below I’ve outlined the 5 steps you’ll need to quickly […]

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Want to Learn About Gluten-Free Cooking?

Interested in learning more about Gluten-Free cooking? Join Chef Mary and me on June 11th, 2013 for a Gluten Free Cooking Class to learn how to make nutritious and delicious gluten free dishes.

Free Admission: Diabetes Awareness and Prevention Workshop for Women’s Health in Women’s Hands

Do you have high blood sugar and want to know how to manage it? Are you newly diagnosed with diabetes? Have you been living with diabetes but need help managing your blood sugar? Are you pregnant and have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes? I can help! REGISTER TODAY.
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