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Beyond Diversity. It's About People.

For organizations that want to create a better workplace culture, increase profit & Productivity.

Quiet quitting. Workplace burnout. Unhappy employees.

I help organizations increase productivity & profit by creating a stronger corporate culture.

Diversity, Equity & inclusion (DEI) training and soft skills training can be key to your organization's competitiveness.

Employees that fEEL better, DO Better

Your Disengaged, stressed employees are losing up to 55 days in productivity per year

Andria's most requested Sessions

The Business Case for Inclusion

Are you wondering about the principles of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and how it applies to you at work?

Let's talk DEI, unconscious bias and increasing productivity and profits.

Promoting diversity and inclusion can be the key to your competitiveness.

The audience will learn how to:


  • Unlock the power of authentic communication to build trust and rapport

  • .Cultivate a culture of inclusion and belonging to enhance employee engagement.

  • Leveraging empathy and active listening

Self-Care: The Secret Weapon for Workplace Wellness

The goal - to practice self-care and wellness in the Workplace. Organizations need to keep their employees motivated and reduce burnout. Explore strategies to strengthen interpersonal bonds, encourage collaboration, and cultivate belonging within teams.

Learn to leverage empathy, active listening, and personalized interactions to create memorable customer experiences that drive loyalty and growth.

The audience will learn how to:


  • Unlocking the power of authentic communication

  • Develop personalized approaches to employee & customer interactions

  • Learn to transform connections, collaborate effectively, and thrive in today's interconnected world.

Balancing Ambition & Mental Health

This candid dialogue is designed for employees to openly address mental health in the workplace.

Engage in discussions and gain insights on maintaining mental well-being while at work. Discover strategies to optimize performance, productivity, and profitability by prioritizing mental and emotional wellness.

The audience will learn how to:


  • Reassess approaches to stress, with a focus on prevention

  • 1ncrease awareness and understanding of mental health issues in the workplace,

  • Improve performance, productivity, and profitability as individuals learn to prioritize mental and emotional well-being,

  • Implement proactive strategies for stress management and prevention,

Employee Engagement 2.0

Ready to transform workplace dynamics? This workshop tackles negativity, tackles microaggressions, antagonism, and bullying, revealing their impact on wellness and culture.

Gain insights into genuine respect and practical strategies for allyship, and fostering wellbeing.

The audience will learn how to:


  • Increase awareness and understanding of negative behaviours such as microaggressions, antagonism, and bullying in the workplace

  • Recognize the profound effects of negativity on employee wellness and organizational culture.

  • Acquire practical strategies to promote allyship, combat discrimination, and nurture individual and organizational wellbeing.

  • Empower actionable steps towards creating a healthier, more inclusive workplace environment.

  • Enhance conflict resolution skills

Stress & Burnout

It's time to normalise conversations about stress & burnout.

The audience will learn how to:


  • Normalise conversations about stress & burnout

  • Share our experiences of burnout

  • Delve into the science of stress & burnout

  • Share actionable takeaways to prevent & recover from burnout


Workplace Wellness Toolkit

Access to 52 affirmation cards in our Workplace Wellness kit
& 2 personalized follow up video messages for your employees after the Keynote.


"Powerful. Entertaining & really informative. Andria was exactly what our team needed."

-Carole R., BDC

Hi, I'm Andria

I help organizations increase productivity and profit by creating a stronger workplace culture.

Your employees want to be Inspired. Educated & Engaged.

I advise organizations on how to create a motivating, creative and educating, inclusive workplace.

Improving your workplace culture has a direct impact on a company's bottom line. I can help.

I am an award-winning Entrepreneur and provide insights, tips and strategies on improving workplace performance.

I have empowered over 100,000 students, educators and employees to practice self-care and be their best selves at school and at work.

I am a member of the Anti-Racism Advisory Committee with the Peel Regional Police & a popular Judge for awards including the Canadian SME Awards & Canadian Mortgage Awards. I also lead the SheaMoisture DreamFund Grant program awarding $50,000 to female entrepreneurs in Canada.


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