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Putting Brampton Residents First

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It's Time for Change in Brampton

It's Time for Change at City Hall

It's time for change at Brampton City Hall. 
I will bring your concerns to City Hall, return your calls an be there for you and our community.

Over 700,000 people call Brampton home.  In fact, Brampton is the second fastest growing city in Canada.  
But as our community grows, we’re not getting the support we need. 
I'm committed to the following:

  • Hiring more by-law officers to enforce property standard complaints 
  • Improved Road Safety, reducing speeding in neighbourhoods
  • Cleaner Communities
  • Lower Taxes
  • Safer Streets & taking action to prevent auto theft
    Local park improvements
  • Finding Housing for the vulnerable
I want to do the following for our great city:
  • Ensure transparency on City Council
  • Increase supports for Mental Health
  • Increased support for Seniors
  • Improve Park & Recreation facilities 
  • Restore community & road safety
We need better services and a functioning, co-operative, collaborative City Council that puts residents first.

These are just a few of the challenges families and businesses in Brampton are facing. 
I know this first-hand because my family has lived in Brampton for years.  
I drive on these streets, I eat at these restaurants, I live, work, shop and play here.  
I have memories of studying at Four Corner’s and South Fletcher’s Library, working for the City of Brampton and shopping at the Brampton Farmer’s Market.  
I remember spending time at the music festivals at Gage Park with my  Grandmother and watching my nephew’s baseball games at David Suzuki park.  

I will work hard for all of us, essential workers, students, seniors, families and our business community.  

I will always engage and listen to you.  You can reach me by phone at (647) 799-6601

There's a lot to do and we need new leadership to get us there.  Wards 3&4 needs a Champion. A champion for everyone. 

It's time for better services,  respect for Brampton Taxpayers,  help for our seniors and students, and an opportunity for small business owners to thrive.  

It’s time for a change in Brampton.  

It’s time for a change in City Hall. 


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